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Walk in bath and stairlift, Hampshire

Mr and Mrs K – Walk in bath and stair lift in Hampshire

Mrs K had found that after having a knee replacement she was unable to get in or out of the bath they had at home and the stairs were becoming increasingly difficult. After sitting down with Mr and Mrs K we discovered that getting up from the bath was also a struggle for her. They had considered moving to a bungalow but were not willing to go through the hassle and leave the home their children had grown up in.

We discussed the requirements they had and suggested the solution of our independent walk in bath, thus avoiding the struggle getting up from the bottom of a normal bath, and to make the stairs easier a straight stair lift.

Since installing the walk in bath and stair lift we have returned to Mr and Mrs K to ensure that the walk in bath and stair lift are helping Mrs K in her day-to-day life and she has quizzed herself as to why she did not get it done sooner. They are so happy with the ease they now have getting up and down stairs that they have since recommended us to their neighbor and we have installed an identical stair lift next door.

Walk in bath in Hampshire