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Hydrotherapy and walk in baths

Hydrotherapy spa’s, when fitted to our walk in baths, circulate bubbles and thus massage the body and limbs and is a well used form of therapy in mainland Europe. However, in England, it is only recently being recognised as an effective treatment despite it being introduced by the Romans many years ago.

How is hydrotherapy used? A specific rehabilitation program is designed for every different medical condition. Certain clients only make use of a hydrotherapy program for a limited period of time, while others with more serious conditions utilize the sessions religiously. Hydrotherapy fills the gap between the physiotherapist and the patient’s every day life. A well qualified hydro therapist works closely with the patient’s physiotherapist to create a safe and functional exercise program. The hydro therapist continues treatment after the physiotherapist has completed the initial rehabilitation program and does under no circumstances replace physiotherapy. The programs are designed to assist in activities of daily living (ADL Programs) It is very obvious that every special medical condition has to be treated on a personal basis.

Hydrotherapy walk in bathsWho can benefit from hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is for everyone at some point in time of their lives. Whether you are an injured athlete, osteoporosis or simply deconditioned, the answer to your problem lies buried in the healing powers of water. Hydrotherapy is a special water program for a special medical condition and this makes it very different from your normal aqua class. Exercise in water is especially good for all joint injuries and osteoarthritis sufferers.

So what does the hydrotherapy do for you? To be brutally frank it will not cure anything, but, nevertheless, for a large number of people it does provide relief from the aches and pains of arthritis, rheumatism, stiff joints, back problems etc. It is known that the massaging effect of the bubbles causes both, a better blood circulation, and a relaxing of the muscles, much to the benefit of the bather.

Now you too can enjoy the combined pleasure of lying back in a bath of hot water AND have those bubbles massaging you from top to toe.